From a young age, I’ve been interested in puppetry. I used to watch THE MUPPET SHOW every Sunday night and a puppet that my Grandmother gave me is a cherished posession. Now I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some incredible puppetry projects including a few with The Jim Henson Company and even one with The Muppets. There’s something very freeing about working with a puppet and it’s something I enjoy doing as much as I can.

The Ultimate Nerd-ament – Stanley – Stan Lee’s World of Heroes
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Turkey Day 2014 – Crow T. Robot – Joel Hodgson/Shout! Factory
Ketchup With The Hot Dogs – Various – Jim Henson Company/Nerdist
Lost Nomads Sizzle Reel – Charles Fessparker – Lost Nomads/Bento Box
Missed U 2 music video – Alien – The Cataracs/Anthony Fox/Director
Nerdist Press Conference – Duck Boy – Jim Henson Company/Nerdist
Whoops! – Ooki – Vin Di Bona
Stuffed & Unstrung/Puppet Up – Puppeteer/Host – Jim Henson Company
Letters To Dr. Steve – Dr. Steve – Doug Price/Director
Magpie Crafts Pilot – Eisenhower/Taffeta – Ric Heitzman/Director
America’s Next Muppet Pilot – Myself/Sabrina – Bill Barretta/Director
The Dog Whisperer – Princess Sabrina – Paul Owens/Director